About Our Team

Missy Sherratt

Missy Sherratt has been working in the Interior Design field for fourteen years.  She began her career designing High-End Residential properties and private jets in 2006.  For the last five years she has been working as a senior level designer with BB&A on Commercial Design projects.  Missy has been involved in various stages of projects, with an emphasis in Construction Administration.

Mrs. Sherratt’s previous experience has made her our authority on Multi-Family Residential projects.  She has an eye for materials and this translates to on-trend, striking, contemporary designs.  Missy’s command of computer aided design and documentation programs allow her to create a cohesive package that communicates the design intent to her clients.

Missy became a Certified Interior Designer, Commercial (CID) in 2016 with the CCIDC.  She has a Bachelor of Science – Interior Design from The Art Institute, Los Angeles.

Lindsey Brock

Lindsey Brock has been working in the Interior Design field for twelve years, starting out in Hospitality Design and then moving into Interior Architecture and Commercial Design.  She is a senior level designer and has been working with BB&A for ten years; she has been involved in small to large-scale projects from Development, to Documentation and Construction Administration.

Lindsey has a broad experience in analyzing client needs and desires.  She is a skillful problem-solver with the ability to envision functional design solutions with progressive use of concept and materials.  She exhibits strengths in adaptability of diverse work environments, client communications, and producing deliverables on time.  Lindsey is a strong designer with the skills needed to develop efficient spaces, keeping an eye on economical solutions.  

Mrs. Brock became a Certified Interior Designer, Commercial (CID) in 2015 with the CCIDC.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Art, Interior Design from California State University, Long Beach and graduated cum laude.

Laura Vladutu

Laura Vladutu came to BB&A as an overseas intern, completing a one-year internship and then returning to her home country of Romania.  She has since returned to the United States to complete her Master’s Degree.

Laura is a junior level designer with strengths in 3D modeling and presentation materials.  She supports our team in creating dynamic and exciting renderings, an invaluable skill when unveiling a design to clients and their local teams.