This training room is smartly planned adjacent to a large break room, allowing for ultimate flexibility. 
The tech-enabled room features two operable walls and is located adjacent to the cafe, providing ideal catering opportunities.

Corporate Real Estate: All-Hands Area

Eclectic lighting adds interest in the adjacent break areas and functional furniture allows for optimal flexibility.

Corporate Real Estate: Training Room

This quiet lounge space provides ample room to unwind at this tech company.
Industrial architectural finishes contrast with luxurious upholstery.

Corporate Real Estate: Lounge Space

With a panoramic wall of windows overlooking the adjacent waterway, this impressive lunchroom is complete with gaming area.

Corporate Real Estate: Gaming Area

Standardized "hybrid" workstations feature sit-stand desks and technical benches within the footprint.  Refined finishes pair with exposed ceiling for a modern flare.  Offices and meeting spaces are planned away from the window lines to allow for natural light.

Corporate Real Estate: Open Office Space

Custom garage door opens this break area to the outside to take advantage of beautiful light and scenery. 

Corporate Real Estate: Coffee Pantry

Conference types are varied to provide ample selection.  A Harvest Table is paired with stool for quick scrum sessions.  
The graphics package is site specific, taking cues from local interest.

Corporate Real Estate: Meeting Space

Collaboration is promoted with tête-à-tête lounge seating. 

Corporate Real Estate: Touch-Down Seating

Executive Boardroom features decorative, acoustical ceiling soffit and oversized glass whiteboards.

Corporate Real Estate: Boardroom

European office features a compact canteen with variable seating and custom local graphics package.

Corporate Real Estate: Canteen

Corporate standards implemented in European office for consistent branding.

Corporate Real Estate: Open Office Area

Pairing a bold color palette with graphic shapes creates an energetic and playful office space.
Ergonomic furniture is combined with media to make a functional workplace.
Corporate Real Estate

Funky, urban graphics add visual interest to corridors.

Corporate Real Estate: Circulation Corridors

This chic classic accounting office pairs with the clean aesthetic for a high-end cosmetic and skin care line.

Corporate Real Estate: Accounting Office

Open design for the lunch area promotes collaboration and creative thinking in this corporate office for a high-end skin care line.

Corporate Real Estate: Lunch Area

This lobby concept is a naturally-lit open space with a dynamic atmosphere
that includes a custom coffee bar; encourages interaction and casual meeting.

Corporate Real Estate: Lobby

A beachside boardwalk-themed lounge area is enhanced by atmospherics such lounge chairs, custom graphics, a photographic mural of the ocean and a “skylight” with dimmable sunset.

Corporate Real Estate: Lounge Area

This open work area design features writable walls, bar-top work surfaces and movable seating to encourage employee collaboration.

Corporate Real Estate: Open Work Area

In this corporate boardroom concept, an inviting atmosphere is created with contemporary
acoustic ceiling that contrasts the natural wood walls and bold organic carpets.

Corporate Real Estate: Boardroom

This conceptual design created for a raw-shell double volume space utilizes multi-level linear lighting; illuminating  building lobby area. Patterned carpets and a dimensional wall add visual variety to the wide-open space.

Corporate Real Estate: Lobby
Corporate Real Estate Services:

Building Study and Analysis

Test Fits


Bubble and Stacking Diagrams

Design Drawings and Coordination with Local Architects and Contractors

Furniture Specifications and Custom Design

Corporate Standards Implementation

Move Management

Artwork, Graphics and Signage Package

Office Space: ranging in size from 2,000 to 80,000 sq. ft.

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